Tremont Turkey Festival
June 9-11, 2023

Past Festivals

Year Miss Tremont Parade Grand Marshal Festival Chairmen
1966 Barb Moore (Delaney) No parade Don Oswald
1967 Donna Harkins (Abernathie) No parade Don and Carol Gibson
1968 Deb Miller J.C. Alexander & L.E. Bennett Don and Carol Gibson
1969 Janice Watts (Kirk-Hylden) Miss Heart of IL - Monica Lacefield Dale and Carole Pflederer
1970 Peggy Power (Liker) Bill McQueen Dale and Carole Pflederer
1971 D'Lisa Flannigan (Richards) Emil Bill (Bill Farmer) Jack and Alice Moser
1972 Elen Kivell Charles Dancey Jack and Alice Moser
1973 Marcia West (Thomas) Mrs. A.C. Schneider Al and Carol Crandall
1974 Susan Hammond (Lauderdale) Bea Roosa Al and Carol Crandall
1975 Julie Gibson (Largent) Duane Cullinan Walt and Dorita Estes
1976 Susan Dunlap (Henthorn) Les Maurer Link and Marilyn Lindstrom
1977 Robin Thompson Tremont Fire Department Bill and Judy Reidner
1978 Nikki DuBois (Miller) Carl Ring Ken and Carolyn Hinman
1979 Valerie Imig (Newell) Tremont Rescue 702 Bill and Bonnie Witt
1980 Rebecca Behrends (Meadows) Duke Windsor Dennis and Sandy Mitchell
1981 Teresa Eeten (Uhlman) Elmer Oyer Jon and Anita Timmons
1982 Lori Kruse (Parkin) Dr. Daniel Baer Marv and Laura Hundt
1983 Mary Ann Weishaupt Ruth Harkins Chuck and Laura Gould
1984 Julie Brewer (Hohulin) Jack & Glenn Moser Joe and Sherry James
1985 Cindy Dekraker (Green) Rev. Robert Pitsch Darrel and Jane Phelps
1986 Diane Leslie (Imig) Today's Children Jerry and Fritzie Klockenga
1987 Melinda Miller (Figge) Larry Hild Jim and Diana Losey
1988 Tiffany Scalf (Hemke) Rose Bolliger Gene and Cindy Froebe
1989 Stacy Dressler (Brown) Dan and Donna Sinn Mike and Cathy Thomas
1990 Jennifer Miller (Crider) Rollie Keith Dick and Mary Wartick
1991 Stacy West (Berry) Tremont H.S. Cross Country Rick and Shelli Jameson
1992 Jennifer Rice (Huettemann) Dan and Shirley Steiner Joe and Trudi Cummings
1993 Tracy Brummett (Perdue) Don and Carol Gibson Nuge and Carol Tyra
1994 Rebecka Fildes (Lee) Rich and Joanne Luick Dan and Bettie Sage
1995 Heather West (Berger) Jim and Doris Rapp Ron and Kathy Brown
1996 Nicki Clark Bill and Nancy Elliot Mark and Kayla Pflederer
1997 Brooke James (Massey) Dale and Carole Pflederer
Bill and Francie Pflederer
Scott and Kathleen Lowrey
1998 Erin Carroll (Kellerstrass) Chuck and Laura Gould Gene and Teri Pflederer
1999 Regina Schmidgall (Hluchan) Tremont Merchants
Men's Fast Pitch Softball Team
Jeff and Gail Sinn
2000 Rebeckah Arnold (Culp) Link and Marilyn Lindstrom Vic and Diane Imig
2001 Ashley Thompson (Anderson) Youth of Tremont Brad and Mindy Halverson
2002 Allison Urfer (Casey) Tremont Fire Department
Tremont Rescue 702
Kurt and Joey Gibson
2003 Brittany Pflederer (Smile) Jack and Marilyn Burns Dan and Julie Mathis
2004 Allison Baker Local Active Duty Military Personnel Lou and Kim Wicks
2005 Katelyn Green (Reinhart) Mary Ann Vance and Family Jim and Laura Steffey
2006 Kara Sauder (Henricks) Don Leadill Boyd and Vickie King
2007 Taylor Rockhold Miss Tremont Pageant Committee Jason and Michele Garey
2008 Kelsey Vance Marilyn Toepfer Chuck and Jody Dudley
2009 Hannah Ramlo Jeff Hinman Bill and Jill Barr
2010 Jennifer Uhlman Dr. Brock Butts Robert and Margi Csesznegi
2011 Hope Hancock Dick and Sue Muselman Jim and Val Moore
2012 Hailey Dudley Mike Lynn Kevin and Jody Dill
2013 McKenzie Behrends Tom and Dawn Brewer Josh and Sherri Weer
2014 Nikki Chambliss Ken and Pauline Stuber Jason and Michelle Kreiling
2015 Jillian Runyon Steve Bechtel Mark and Melissa Zaayenga
2016 Emily Gasser Tazewell County Deputy Sheriff Craig Whisenand
and Tremont firefighter Russell DuBois
Brian and Diana Patterson
2017 Allie Ramlo Jim and Chris Workman Wes and Nicole Edwards
2018 Aryah Turner Lanny and Mary Beecham Dave and Abby Hammond
2019 Olivia Simkins Lou and Kim Wicks Jake and Jen Strohl
2020 No festival due to COVID-19
2021 Madison Jones Rick and Mary Ann Otey Brad and Megan Patterson
2022 Kelsea Allred Kim Marron Matt and Shanna Oyer
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