June 10-12, 2022

Tremont Betterment Association

The Tremont Turkey Festival was initiated in 1966 to raise funds to build a swimming pool in the Tremont Park. Since then, local residents have served as volunteer chairmen to help make each festival a success.

To retain those valuable volunteers following their terms as general chairmen and to utilize their talent, dedication, and experience, the Tremont Betterment Association was formed in 1976. Past and present Turkey Festival general chairmen who wish to continue their interest and involvement with the festival comprise the TBA, which acts as the sponsoring and steering organization for this and future festivals.

TBA is responsible for setting budgets and policies for the festival and notably, for distributing festival proceeds to the Tremont community for special projects and assistance to organizations that make Tremont a better place to live and visit.

In 2005, in addition to the $44,000 funds distribution, Tremont Betterment Association provided a $200,000 jump-start to the Tremont swimming pool project. In addition, the group also committed to setting aside $7,500 annually for future repairs to the pool.

Over it's history, the festival has returned over $1.9 million to the community.

TBA Members
Bill and Jill Barr
Margi Csesznegi
Robert Csesznegi
Kevin and Jody Dill
Chuck and Jody Dudley
Wes and Nicole Edwards
Gene Froebe
Jason and Michele Garey
Laura Gould
Dave an Abby Hammond
Ken and Carolyn Hinman
Vic and Diane Imig
Sherry James
Rick Jameson
Boyd King
Jason and Michelle Kreiling
Scott and Kathleen Lowery
Dan and Julie Mathis
Jim and Val Moore
Jack Moser
Matt and Shanna Oyer *
Brad and Megan Patterson
Brian and Diana Patterson
Kayla Perry
Bill and Judy Reidner
Bettie Sage
Jim and Laura Steffey
Jake and Jennifer Strohl
Josh and Sherri Weer
Lou and Kim Wicks
Mark and Melissa Zaayenga
* Associate Members

2021 TBA Officers

President Julie Mathis
Vice President Laura Steffey
Secretary Michelle Kreiling
Treasurer Kim Wicks

Each year, during the spring disbursements meeting, local groups seek funds which are distributed from profits from the prior year.

The distribution of profits from the 2021 festival was as follows:

Tremont Boy Scout Troop 84 2,000
Tremont District Library 1,400
Tremont In Touch (Afterprom) 7,000
Tremont Lions Club (village street light decorations) 8,000
Tremont Roboteers Team 2481 4,000
Tremont School Nurse (AEDs) 5,000
Total 2022 Disbursements $27,400
Earmarked from Previous Years
Tremont Pool Liner Reserve 10,000
TBA Scholarships for High School Seniors 2,000
"Flags for the Tiber" Project 500
Park Playground Equipment 12,000

2022 Chairmen

General Chairmen
Matt and Shanna Oyer

General Co-chairmen
Drew and Rachel Gierich

Past General Chairmen
Brad and Megan Patterson

Advanced Ticket Sales
Kathleen Lowery

Antique Corner
Jerry Gray

Antique Tractor Pull
Mark Sandschafer

Antique Tractor Pull Food Line
Vickie King
Jason and Michelle Kreiling

Audio/Welcome Center
Tim Barrow and Bruce McWilliams

Steve Bechtel
Michele Garey

Matt and Missy Prather

Car Show
Greg Williams
Nick Goss

Dave Calhoun
Scott Lowery

Country Store
Zach and Jen Balsimo
Max and Tressa Schneider

Debbie Crowe

Christian Wilkey

Laura Steffey
Kim Wicks

Food Line Chairmen
Jeff Reynolds and Holly Anderson

Food Line Co-chairmen
Brian and Tonya Dennison

Foot Race
Glen and Sandy Gullette

Horseshoe Tournament
Don Fawer
Jeff Roberts

Michelle Kreiling

John and Barb Schweigert

Publicity and Marketing
Lisa Scott

Rescue 702
Trent Steiner

Todd Lohnes

Shortcake Express
Mike and Becky Davis
Sherri Muehlich

Social Media
Rachel Probst

Strawberry Shortcake
Thad and Heidi Chaney

Strawberry Shortcake Eating Contest
Luke Porritt

Sunday Worship Service
Tim and Ann Barrow

JoEllen Lohnes

Daron Hoerr

Turkey Barbeque
Jack Moser
Steve Bechtel
Don DuBois
Chuck Dudley
Chad Hancock
Lou Wicks

Turkey Express
Jeff and Marygrace Kaiser
Sean and Kate Berry

Turkey Hot Wings
Chris and Jenny Atterberry

Web Site
Steve Bechtel

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