Heaven on a Bun
The smell tickles your nose as you approach the park and you know where you're headed - to the foodline! The custom-made grills fire up before dawn and go non-stop all day turning birds golden brown and juicy. Then we pile that luscious meat on a bun and have it ready for you to enjoy. Better take two. It will save you a trip back after you have devoured that first one.

Turkey Express
Sometimes you have a craving for a turkey sandwich but you simply don't have time to park the car and walk to the foodline to get one. Fear not! Time is no longer your enemy — simply stop by the Turkey Express.

The Turkey Express offers drive up car hop service for turkey sandwiches, soda, water, chips, Little Gobbler meals, and strawberry shortcakes. Conveniently located at the High School parking lot, Turkey Express provides a way to enjoy the flavors of the festival on the go.

The Turkey Express will be open:
Friday, June 7 11:00 AM 1:00 PM
3:30 PM 6:00 PM
Saturday, June 8 11:00 AM 1:00 PM
3:30 PM 6:00 PM

We're Wingin' It
Turkey hot wings are available along with the turkey legs in the tent on the west end of the shelter and these tasty morsels are promised to wake up your tastebuds. If you like chicken hot wings, take it to the next level with these monsters - deep fried then slathered in a spicy sauce.


Bring On the Syrup
Start your Saturday morning off right at the Pancake and Sausage Breakfast. Located in the large pavilion in the center of the park, the pancake crew will be serving hotcakes and sausage from 6:30 - 10 AM. It's all you can eat including coffee, milk, or juice and only $6 for adults (13 and older) and $3 for children. If you are under 4 years old, your pancakes and sausage are free!


Strawberry Delights
Always a popular item at the festival, our strawberry shortcakes will once again be available in the strawberry tent. Tender cake covered with juicy, red berries, then topped with a mound of whipped cream. Who can resist?

If you would rather enjoy your strawberries without a spoon, try one of our delicious strawberry smoothies.

Food Line Hours
Friday 11 AM - 9 PM*
Saturday 11 AM - 9 PM*
Sunday 11 AM - 5 PM*
* Or until food is gone

Turkey Sandwich $5.00
Turkey Hot Wings 4.00
Turkey Drummies 2/4.00
Turkey Legs 4.00
Turkey Livers & Gizzards 4.00
Hamburger 3.00
Turkey Hot Dog 2.00
Little Gobbler Meal
(Small turkey sandwich or hot dog, applesauce, cookies and a juice box)
Applesauce .75
Potato Salad .75
Potato Chips 1.00
Baked Beans .75
Soda/Tea 2.00
Coffee .75
Bottled Water 2.00
Strawberry Shortcake 4.00
Strawberry Smoothies 4.00

NOTE: Hot wings, turkey legs,
and livers/gizzards are only
available in the tent
on the west end of the shelter.
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